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Paddles And Slappers For Bedroom Bondage

Floggers, leather or wooden paddles and slappers, rope or anything that comes in hand can be used to make the naughty one turn into the submissive one. When it comes to spank the one who's been really naughty, paddles and slappers at Leather Etc will do the job and do it just right. Not only our leather slappers and paddles do what they are made for, the pleasure and pain are Paddles are usually nearly circular or nearly oval in shape with an extending handle and cover a wider area such as the "Bum". Slappers on the other hand come in different sizes and shapes; rectangular, almost square, a flat spoon shaped or the one that fits in your back pocket.

While some paddles and slappers are just plain leather on both sides, some have holes and some have fleece lining on one side. The fleece lining is there to provide the extreme pleasures of spanking. Once the leather does its work on the skin, the fleece lining if rubbed on the area worked provides a sensual sensation, a sensation of tickle and pleasure. On the other hand the holes on the slappers or shapes such as the hand or hand are just not for the looks. The hit of the slapper with holes or the one shaped in a specific manner, provides a feeling of sting. While beginners prefer the paddles and slappers with the fleece lining, ones who are graduates of the fetish and bondage world prefer paddles and slappers with something that has a bit extra. Floggers, whips, canes and riding crops are also used by many who live by the rules of fetish and bondage.