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How To Attain A Perfect Fit:Your harness sizes is the same as your t-shirt size. For people who wear bigger than 2XL sizes, pick n 2XLarge harness with buckles. If simple instructions are followed, these harnesses fit superbly. For every harness, there is a front and a back. Most of our harnesses have snaps in the front that make it easy to wear and remove. If it is a buckle harness, the buckles always go in the front. Now every harness has four leather strings attached a ring or a bit. Two of these strings are longer than the other two. The shorter strings always go on the shoulders and the longer one's always above the waist. Depending on the body structure, some people wear it the other way around. The important thing is that the two of the same size have to be on the same body line. Shorter strings on the shoulder and longer one's above the waist. Do not wear one longer and one shorter on the shoulders and other two on the waist. It will not only look strange but even feel weird.


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