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Date: 12/17/2022

Hello Kinksters, expert and exploring! Want to build your kinky toy collection with more toys that can uplevel your sensational feeling or pain? Then, check out this toy: The Wartenberg Wheel! You may have come across this at your local kink or sex shop and wondered about this interesting tool. This is a staple tool used from medical play to sensual play to downright mean and yummy sadism. Keep ready to learn more about this fun and interesting contraption.
Wheeling & Able: A Brief History
Neuro PinWheel or Bondage PinWheel. This unique tool is named after German [Jewish] neuroscientist Robert Wartenberg. The design of this tool is just a handle and a free-spinning wheel that has 20 sharp-tipped spikes that create a tingling or prickly sensation from the consistent interval pressure of the spikes to the skin. In the medical field, medical professionals used this wheelfor neurological examinations or assessments to test a patient’s response to the sensation of the wheel to pinpoint an area of sensation or an area of desensitivity or damage [2]. This can be used to pinpoint swelling, loss of sensitivity, or other forms of nerve damage [2].

The Way You Make Me Wheel: The Wartenberg Wheel in BDSM
In BDSM, this tool is used to create more sensitivity on the skin before additional impact. This has grown in popularity especially among those into medical knk for its affordability and versatility in play. The most common usage, from my own experiences in kink, without a painted handle, had been with electric play where the spokes will administer a small electrical shock or and whenever our sadistic or sensual tops want to add more feeling of impact toys like flogger or whips to skin or to diversify the fun you can have with an electrical shock machine [3].

Types of Wheels:
  1. Stainless Steel: Corrosion-resistant, scratch resistant, tarnish-resistant, durable, easy to sterilize, reusable
  2. Chrome-Plated: Shinier, but prone to scratches, more affordable than stainless steel, easy to sterilize, reusable
  3. Plastic: Cheapest option, more color variety, less reusability

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Pro[Domme]-Tip From Mistress Daytona!
  • Other forms of play could include playing with temperature by putting it in hot or ice water – this mostly applies to stainless steel or chrome (both also do not rust!)
  • Use a blindfold when using this tool can elevate sensation and sensitivity – add electrical play with a violet wand extension.
  • This can be used for humiliation, degradation, or dehumanisation especially if the bottom this is being used on is treated as an object of study.
  • Yes, you can make someone bleed with this – for our blood players out there! Remember to sterilize your wheel before going in with 10% bleach or 90% rubbing alcohol. Using stainless steel or chrome is recommended.

How to Clean and Maintain

The Wartenberg Wheel is prone to picking up infectious bacteria or organisms if it is not properly cleaned which can especially cause harm if the skin is punctured [2]. To sterilize, as previously mentioned, clean in 10% bleach or 90% alcohol.

To store, it is possible that this toy may damage other toys or more fragile item in your toy bag, there for having a case to cover the spokes may be the best option. One recommended is this leather pouch here.

To learn more about this item, check out our links below, otherwise, check out our Kookie selection. Have fun, play hard, and BDSM smart ;)

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