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Bondage Blindfold And Fetish Masks

A blindfold plays a unique role in bondage plays. Be it to block vision in the BDSM world or just to make sex a bit more fun, blindfolds can greatly enhance the moment in hand. As the name implies, quality blindfolds should be able to block total vision. In bondage, they can be used in conjunction with gags, restraints, spreader bars, suspensions, collars; basically anything that will fulfill the fantasies. At Leather Etc, we have bondage blindfolds that have an elastic strap or one with a leather strap, blindfold with fleece lining or blindfolds with leather lining, padded blindfolds, peek-a-boo blindfold and blindfolds with locking buckle. For some serious BDSM action, check out our selection of Bondage Hoods