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SKU: 3763-3764 Ultimate Bondage Restraints

Ultimate Bondage Restraints
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  • SKU: 3763-3764 Ultimate Bondage Restraints

  • $109.99

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Robust, comfortable, and strong as an ox, these restraints can handle anything you can throw at them! Seriously thick padding and two layers of leather makes these as strong as they are comfortable, and the locking buckle makes this set perfect for hours of rough playing.  

These restraints are handmade in San Francisco with the utmost care and robust construction. That means it’s comfortable, strong, and built to last many years. There is no exposed metal on the inside, so they're more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. 

Style No.

Main Flap

Fits (A to B) TO (A to C)

  Length Width Point (A to B) Point (A to C)
3763(Wrist) 11 inches 2.75 inches 8.5 inches 13 inches
3764(Ankle) 12.75 inches 2.75 inches 10 inches 15 inches