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SKU: 5984_5985 Zipper-Lined Restraints

Zipper-Lined Restraints
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  • SKU: 5984_5985 Zipper-Lined Restraints

  • $120.00

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Break out the leather jacket, these zipper-lined restraints are a one-of-a-kind rebel’s dream! These stylish BDSM restraints feature zipper-lined edges, red contrast stitching, and nickel-plated hardware. The combination of black and red with metallic accents make these perfect for a wide variety of alternative fashion styles, and perfectly compliment tattoos. The O-rings ad a distinct rattling sound that compliments the aesthetic of these cuffs perfectly.

The piped edges extend past the exposed zippers to help prevent scratching and getting tangled in hair (but contact with long hair should still be avoided when possible).

These BDSM restraints are handmade in San Francisco with the utmost care and robust construction. Our bondage gear won’t break easily, no matter how much you squirm! There is no exposed metal on the inside, so they’re supremely comfortable as well.

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