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SKU: 5705 Locking Collar

Locking Collar
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  • SKU: 5705 Locking Collar

  • $49.99

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Commemorate your relationship with this timeless collar. This collar has been a favorite for collaring ceremonies and commited couples for decades, who use it to symbolize their love, commitment, and exclusivity.

This sexy and versatile collar is made of soft garment leather making it very comfortable enough to wear all day, and is strong enough for rough BDSM. The locking buckle allows you to keep your slave at the ready all day, while the rattling O-ring reminds her that you could take her at any moment.

It's easy to see why this is one of our best-selling collars of all time!

This collar is handmade in San Francisco with the utmost care and robust construction.

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