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SKU: medical_kit Medical Fetish Kit

Medical Fetish Kit
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  • SKU: medical_kit Medical Fetish Kit

  • $180.00

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The medical fetish kit includes a pin wheel, forceps, two solid metal connectors, a speculum, red cross collar and wrist restraints pair. Get your medical fetish on!
  1. Pin Wheel: Made from solid metal, this chrome plated pin wheel is used on the skin to induce sensation. A must have for all medical fetish lovers.
  2. Speculum: Speculums are used spread for a clear and quick inspection. The speculum in this set is made from great quality metal and has smooth surfaces for easy insertion and pullout. Please select a size of the speculum when you select this set.
  3. Red Cross Collar: Made from genuine white leather, this collar has a red leather medical cross in the front. Held in place by a metal buckle, this collar is available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large.
  4. Wrist Restraint Pair: This white leather restraint pair has a red leather medical cross that also holds a shiny metal D ring in place. These cuffs are held in place by a solid metal buckle
  5. Tongue Forceps: Made from chrome plated metal, this pair of forceps has a rubber tip that prevents it from slipping. The base of the forceps locks itself in position.
  6. Metal Connectors: You also get these solid metal connectors that can be used to connect the restraints together or to other toys or posts. These connectors come handy in most bondage plays and even for hanging fetish accessories to belt loops and so forth.
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