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JLube 284G
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  • SKU: jlube-284 JLube 284G

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J-Lube is a concentrated powder that dissolves easily in water and is a very effective obstetrical lubricant. J-Lube is completely inert and non-irritating. 10oz plastic bottle with shaker top makes 6-8 gallons of lubricant.


Ingredients [From the Website]:

What exactly IS J-Lube?

J-Lube is a concentrated lubricant that comes in powder form. According to the bottle, it is manufactured for Jorgensen Laboratories in Loveland, Colorado and consists of 25% polyethylene polymer (polyethylene oxide) and 75% dispersing agent (sucrose, according to the MSDS which you can find and here in PDF format). When mixed with water, it produces a thick, clear, extremely slippery lubricant whose intended purpose is to aid in gynecological examinations for farm animals and to assist in cases of dystocia, or abnormal/difficult labour during childbirth. However, it is, without a doubt, the best lubricant I have ever encountered. It is inexpensive, easy to mix (just add water!), and contains no extraneous chemicals or preservatives (unless you put them in when mixing it). And since it’s water-based, it’s fully latex condom compatible as well as being safe for use with silicone toys.

Who uses J-Lube?

Other than farmers and veterinarians?  It is also used by special effects artists to produce slime for movies and television shows and by people who enjoy fisting. J-Lube adheres to the skin well, is extremely slippery, can be made in copious amounts, and really works well. I’m not into fisting, so I can’t say for sure, but I like it because it’s slippery goo which I am into. Guess I never grew out of the whole childhood fascination with glop and slime.

How do I mix a batch of J-Lube?

When it comes to J-Lube, most folks will tell you that it’s a pain in the butt to mix and shouldn’t be kept around for very long. And I’m sure that would be true if you were to mix it without taking proper precautions for cleaning and sterilization of your containers, but if you take care when mixing it, it goes a great deal more smoothly than others would have you believe. For all practical purposes, there are two ways of mixing J-Lube. Either make it just before using it or prepare some in advance to have ready to go.

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