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SKU: fetish_men_kit Fetish Wear For Men

Fetish Wear For Men
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  • SKU: fetish_men_kit Fetish Wear For Men

  • $336.00

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Made from genuine leather and hardware, this fetish kit for men is a hot wear in clubs, leather fairs and parties. Be it Dore Alley or Folsom Street Fair of San Francisco, or be it the dungeons or bars, this outfit rocks! This set is available in three colors, yellow, red and blue. Click on the image and select your sizes. This set includes a leather harness, a pair of leather tie armbands, a pair of gauntlets and a cod/jock strap. Below is the description of each product:
  1. Leather Harness: There has been a growing demand for garment leather due to its softness, looks, and durability. The colored lining matches the black leather perfectly. To add to the strength and quality, the colored leather and black leather have been stitched together. This harness is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large.
  2. Tie Armbands - Pair: This black and yellow leather armband pair has a black leather lining and a leather lace to tie around the bicep. Made from genuine leather, this armband is available only in one size that fits most.
  3. Leather Gauntlets Pair: This black leather gauntlet pair has yellow leather piping around it. Not only does this piping make it soft, it adds to the fabulous looks of the gauntlet. Available in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large.
  4. Cod/Jock: Black and yellow leather cod and jock strap with 1-1/4 inch single strap back. Available in three sizes, small/medium, medium/large and extra large.
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