Classic Leather Bondage Restraints With Soft Lining

Classic Leather Bondage Restraints With Soft Lining

Product Details

This pair of bondage restraint cuffs has one of the most classic and widely used design. Made from genuine black leather, these bondage cuffs are perfect for both bedroom and dungeon play. Soft fur like fleece lining provides a cushion that not only offers a sensual sensation but also keeps the wrists or ankles from slipping out. A solid metal buckle fastens them around the wrists or ankles. A solid metal halter ring can be used to attach them to each other using a connector or to other bondage gear such as X cross, spreader bars, collars or to ankle cuffs using a hog tie or rope. These cuffs are available for both wrist and ankles. Fleece colors are available in black, red, blue, leopard print, pink and purple. Handmade In USA!