Bondage Set With Unique Accessories


Normally: $211.00

Bondage Set With Unique Accessories

Product Details

This complete bondage set includes an O ring mouth gag, a wrist restraint pair, a riding bat, a leather collar and two solid metal connectors. One of a kind, this set is an attention grabber!
  1. O Ring Gag: This red colored gag has a O ring that is covered by genuine leather. This gag is held in the mouth and secured by leather straps and a solid metal buckle.
  2. Riding Bat: Made from great quality materials, this riding crop has a hand shaped top that leaves an impression on the skin (depending how hard you use it). The base of this crop is made fro rubber which in turn offers a non-slip grip.
  3. Bondage Collar: This collar is made from genuine black leather and has a red leather lining which has been weaved through it. The black and red leather combination creates a charming look. This collar is held in place by a solid metal buckle. Available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/Large.
  4. Wrist Restraints: These cuffs have a red leather lace weaved through the edges that add to the looks and durability if these cuffs. There is a solid metal O ring in the front that is used to attach these cuffs together ot to other accessories.
  5. Connectors: You also get a pair of solid metal connectors to attach your toys together, for example the cuffs or the collar etc.