Red Beauty Bondage Set


Normally: $173.00

Red Beauty Bondage Set

Product Details

This red leather bondage set includes a wrist restraint pair, a collar, a riding crop, two pieces of connectors and a 30 inch long leash.
  1. Piping Collar: Made from genuine and soft red leather, this collar has a leopard print fleece piping of the edges. There is a shiny solid metal O ring in the front that can be used to connect a leash or other fetish/bondage accessories. Available in sizes Small/Medium and Medium/large.
  2. Leash: This leash is 30 inches long and has a solid metal connector at the end of the shiny chain. The connector is used to hook it to collars or other accessories. The base is made from genuine leather and is like a loop which offers a better grip.
  3. Riding Whip: This red color riding whip has a black leather handle and a loop. It is 30 inch long and has a string on the top edge that is used for creating sensation on the skin.
  4. Metal Connectors - Two: These connectors are one of the most widely used piece of hardware in bondage plays. Connect your restraints pair together or other toys, there will be ample use for these connectors.
  5. Wrist Cuffs: This wrist restraints pair has a leopard print fleece piping. Not only does this piping make this red leather cuff pair look cool, it also prevents it from slipping around. Solid metal D rings held in place add to the functionality and charm of these restraints.