Silver Leather Collar With Small Spikes


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Silver Leather Collar With Small Spikes

Product Details

Silver Leather Collar With Small Spikes: Made from genuine leather and quality hardware, this collar has a single row of small spikes. These spikes are one of the most favoured in the fetish world. Every fetish store that sells spike collars, wristbands etc, is bound to have a few products with these spikes. This collar has a metal buckle that holds it in place around the neck. 3/4" wide, this collar is available in two sizes, small/medium and medium/large.

Style No. / Size

Main Flap

Fits (A to B) TO (A to C)

  Width Length Point (A to B) Point (A to C)
3044 S/M 3/4 Inches 18 Inches 13 Inches 16-1/2 Inches
3044 M/L 3/4 Inches 20 Inches 15 Inches 18-1/2 Inches