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Mouth Gags And Bits For Bondage Plays

Bondage gags, also referred to as mouth gags are often used in the world of BDSM and bedroom bondage. Bondage gags come in several different forms and shapes, ball gags, bits, penis shaped gags, open mouth gag, inflatable gags, ring gags, muzzles etc. Even though mouth gags and bondage bits are a must in every BDSM / fetish kit, they must be used only with consent.

Ball Gags / Unique Gags

Open Mouth Gags

Pony Bit Gags


Head Harnesses

Medical Mouth Gags


Best Selling Mouth Gags:

Rubber Bondage Ball Gag
Rubber Bondage Ball Gag
Classic ball gag with solid metal buckle to hold the genuine leather straps(26 inch Long, 1/2 inch Wide) in place. Classic design, great price, incred
Regular Price: 15.00
Sale Price: $8.99

Penis Mouth Gag With Locking Buckle
Penis Mouth Gag With Locking Buckle
Unique and incredibly priced, this penis mouth gag has genuine leather straps with a locking buckle to hold it in place. A small padlock can be placed
Price: $39.00

Small Mouth Gag For Serious Bondage
Small Mouth Gag For Serious Bondage
This gag is flawless when used in bondage plays. Two genuine black leather straps hold this gag around the head with a solid metal buckle. Available o
Price: $39.00

O Ring Mouth Gag For Bondage
O Ring Mouth Gag For Bondage
This unique O-ring mouth gag has a 1-1/2 inch ring tightly wrapped by genuine leather. Genuine leather straps with a metal buckle hold the gag n place
Price: $24.00

Airway Mouth Gag
Airway Mouth Gag
Black/Pink or Black/Red leather airway mouth gag with locking buckle. The hole in the ball is small and only offers room to breath easily. The inside
Price: $59.00

Mouth Bit Gag For Bondage- Rubber
Mouth Bit Gag For Bondage- Rubber
This bit gag is simple, made from quality material and inexpensive. Black leather straps have a locking buckle and hold the bit in place. two metal ri
Price: $35.00

Head Harness With Ball Gag
Head Harness With Ball Gag
Simple yet elegant, this head harness has a red, orange, blue or a black ball mouth gag. Incredibly priced, this head harness has straps on the top an
Price: $49.00

Whitehead Mouth Gag With Straps
Whitehead Mouth Gag With Straps
Mouth Gag With Buckle Straps: Whitehead gag is widely used in medical fetish scenes. Leather straps hold this gag in place to experience some w
Price: $49.00

Solid Ball Gag With Locking Buckle
Solid Ball Gag With Locking Buckle
One of a kind solid ball gag with leather straps and locking buckle, which allows a small padlock to be placed on it. The ball is placed on a small ex
Price: $39.00

Special Offer:

Bondage Ball Gag

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